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Metal structures

A metal structure is a construction made primarily of metal, such as steel or aluminum. It encompasses various building objects, such as bridges, building frames, stairs, and platforms. Metal structures are known for their strength, durability, and quick assembly.

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Fences and gates

Fences can be made from various types of metal, such as wrought iron, pipes, or mesh, and they can come in different styles and designs. Metal fences are known for their durability and security, and they are often used in homes, businesses, and public spaces to separate and decorate gardens, yards, and properties.

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Stairs and ladders

Metal stairs and ladders are stair and ladder structures whose main supporting parts are made of metal materials such as steel or aluminum. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and come in various sizes, designs, and functions according to their purpose and needs. Metal stairs and ladders are known for their durability and stability and are widely used in various construction projects, including buildings, industrial facilities, and outdoor areas. Additionally, they can have a modern appearance and can be customized according to specific design preferences and safety standards.

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Handrails and Railings

Metal handrails and railings are safety devices made of metal, such as steel or aluminum, and installed along the edges of stairs, terraces, platforms, and other elevated areas. Handrails help people move safely on stairs and platforms by providing support points and stability. At the same time, railings separate one area from another, ensuring safety and protection against falls. Metal handrails and railings are typically durable, stable, and can be customized with different designs and styles according to user needs and preferences. They are found in both indoor and outdoor settings and are an important part of construction and safety standards in many buildings and public spaces.


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Metal structures

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